Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Smile Some More. Make Some Smores

The particular day I am reminiscing was a day when summer and fall were mixing, mingling and loving each other. There were flowers in my garden and dying leaves on my lawn. Sun rays kissed the changing leaves and my own cheeks, making me smile.

The day was meant to be a rushed one, doing errands, checking off lists. But while in the grocery store, I spotted something that made me think "slow down, smile more." I spotted a craving, a box of happiness, another reason to smile--a smores kit.

I should explain this burst of happiness came for several reasons. One, I had been craving smores madly. Two, the smores kit was deliciously affordable. Three, it was a kit--meaning lazy me had everything I needed to satisfy my craving and to make smiles come more easily.

The box was placed in the grocery cart and there was racing in my heart to get home and make smores.

I will share a full review of the kit itself. But for now I will say, it is probably one of the best things ever made. I'm not someone who likes chocolate and sweets but this kit is quality, and makes plenty of smores for those who love it.

Oozy chocolate, gooey marshmallow, and crunchy gram crackers all came together to give me yet another smile, mixed with giggles.

We search for moments that will give us happiness, neglecting to see that life, living, simply being is happiness. Seeing the sun out is happiness; the wonder of changing seasons is happiness; a simple snack by yourself or with a friend is happiness. We don't need much to make us smile.  So I think I'd like to smile some more, by loving life and making smores.

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