Monday, July 25, 2011

A Garden Full of Poetry

The world is full of poetic moments, like finding a typewriter in a thrift store for a mere $5. I wonder what life it lived before, and whose life it was part of. Were they poets of concrete gardens, typing files for big shot bosses or were they quiet writers who make half page notes to remember their life.

Objects such as these are like the romantic summers of young things. When the romance fades, they are tucked away--only to be found by a new romantic longing for a summer fling. I'd like to have a fling with this little type writer. We could sit in the garden in silk and lace. It will keep me entertained with words strung out neatly, romantically. It will charm me with the notion of being inspiring. We shall engage in a discourse so fueled with passion the garden folk would blush.

Perhaps if I am kind to it, it won't wither away like the blossoms. It will stay everlasting, holding fast to my heart. But if the winter creeps into our romance, we will have a stack full of poetic moments to commemorate our garden rendezvous. 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

FULL TILT Belted Dress

FULL TILT Belted Dress

For days when you're running around in the sun, or just having a casual hangout I prefer comfy dresses like this FULL TILT Belted Dress  There's nothing speculator about it. But it's not too plan either. You could accessorize it, make it stand out more, or you could keep a toned down as it is right now.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Are you a stress seeker without realizing?

It is said that everyone purposefully adds some stress to their life. Whether it is their conscious or their subconscious that direct the stress and drama to their lives, virtually everyone knowingly does something that causes them a type of pressure.

I know some people get a rush when they are under extreme pressure or anxiety. They are almost fueled by the drama around them, but I’m sure many of us would disagree with this notion, including myself. I’m someone who likes to keep things stress free. I don’t feel I seek drama, and I’m generally a very calm and relaxed person, so the idea of actually putting stress in my life seemed silly. But I was curious to find out if perhaps I do.

I started looking at my life and the lives around me noting moments of stress in people’s lives and put them into 3 categories.

1. Relationship stress. This is not exclusive to dating or marriage relationships, friendships and even collaborative pairings are included in this category. If you deliberately keep a person in your life that causes you stress and set about drama in your life you are among the stress seekers.

The fact is, no relationship, partnership, friendship has to be permanent. You have the choice and the power to leave, but something in you is choosing not to.

This doesn’t mean you like being stressed out by the people around you, but you’re not motivated enough to walk away. For some reason you’d rather stay with the drama then cut ties.

 This also applies to bringing new people into life. If every guy or girl you’ve dated has been over dramatic, or if your friends always seem to have bad news to tell you, you are in part playing a role. Subconsciously, you are finding and bringing these people into your life. It could be a need to help people and feel needed, perhaps you too are over dramatic, there are many reasons but there is a role you are playing in it all.

2. Financial stress. Never seem to have enough money in the bank? Do you find yourself worrying if you’re going be able to make that next bill payment? Money, like relationships is something that causes all of us some stress on some level. It’s not something we can completely control. But if you have no control over your spending, you are deliberately causing yourself stress. 

You can choose to walk in and out of a store without buying something; you can opt for a less expensive item. But if you are spending, and then worrying, you are knowingly bringing stress into your life. You may feel pressure to keep up with society; you may feel in control of things when you’re shopping regardless of the negative impact it will later have or you may be among the few whom, the more they spend the more motivated they are to work hard to make the money back. Somehow the nights spent awake worrying about your finances is caused by you.

3. Personal stress. This category could be broken up into little categories:  health, work, emotional illness, school, goals etc. We all experience some stress internally. But how much you experience could be a case of how much you are causing, not others.

 If you choose not to take active measures to improve your health, you’re to blame for its decline. This is something most of us agree on, but it also applies if you obsess over your health, or any aspect of your life. If you use working out as your main escape, you are in a sense causing yourself future stress, because suppose you can’t work out, how will you cope then?

Another example is people who take on too much. This could be the employee who overworks themselves, the student who takes on too many classes or extracurricular activities, the self help addict who is always nitpicking at themselves looking for more ways to improve and become perfect. 

Personal stress usually has a beneficial motive, if you work hard at your job, you’re more likely to get a promotion, make more money, provide for your family better—it all seems logical. But when this need to do and be better consumes you to the point where it is all you focus on, and find yourself feeling down on yourself when you don’t achieve more, you’re making your life more dramatic than it needs to be.

Some personal stress can be advantageous, as it is motivating to want to add a little pressure to yourself to try your best. However, to set unrealistic goals, or push yourself to someone else’s standards can and does have very negative consequences.

So which category did I find myself in? Shockingly, all of the above! In all aspects of my life I found myself causing myself unnecessary stress, despite the willingness to avoid it.

 I find myself keeping people in my life who emotionally bog me down for far longer than I should. Because I don’t like confrontation I often don’t speak up when someone hurts me.

When it comes to my finances, I try my hardest to save, but I don’t always go out of my way to find a cheaper alternative. It would be much easier to research and save then spend and complain.

In my personal goal life, I sometimes add too much to my plate. I’ll tackle too many projects, not putting my full focus on just one. This could stem from boredom with repetitive tasks or a fear that I may not get a chance to do everything I desire in life, so I mistakenly try to do it all at once.

Is this stress harmful? Maybe not to the point of destruction, I still have very good relationships with the people in my life, money in the bank and I can tell myself when to slow it down. But it does cause an unnecessary stress that I bring onto myself. 

Look into your life and see if you can pinpoint where and how you’re making your life more stressful than it should be.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Attack of the warm fuzzies

Does happiness travel through the air? If it does my dear friend and I were attacked with it in the park. It floated on soft white clouds and blew around us, drifting gently to the ground. 

The wind carried these fuzzy warm feelings through the air as if to say, smile...the sun it out and the day is blessed.

Amy and I tossed aside our accessories and danced in the fairy tale like park, even enjoying a private concert that could have been conducted by the pixies themselves. The flute fluted. The sun glistened and happiness danced inside me. I threw my cares in the wind and the wind brought me back smiles.

We made no fuss, just played with fuzz. We bartered our burdens for belly laughs. The wind said, yes I will take your frowns and you can have a full day of fuzzy fun. The wind made no reservations; it sent those clouds of happiness down in swarms. I wondered if it was a fair trade, for I spent the day in bliss but the wind had nothing but a past frown.

Darling wind attack me with your fuzzy love whenever you please and I shall give you my sorrows.

Dress: Thrift 
Sun hat: Ardene
Shoes: Me Too
Bag: Borrowed
Belt: Thrift
Cardigan: Thrift

Friday, July 15, 2011

Butterflies Journal

Butterflies Journal (Magnetic Closure) (Notebook, Diary)

Butterflies Journal (Magnetic Closure) (Notebook, Diary)

I collect journals, and I would like to add this pretty butterfly, spring-ish one to my collection. I like that it has a magnetic closure and that it's hardcover. According to reviews, this journal is sturdy, has a small pocket in the back which I think is a great bonus to place photos. I also like that it has faint lines that don't dominate but still ensure straight sentences. A pretty journal indeed that I would love to add to my collection.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Are You Perfect?

Dr Wayne Dyer says in his book, The Sky’s the Limit that “you must allow yourself to think of yourself as perfect if you are ever going to achieve your full potential.” He then goes on to explain that thinking of yourself as perfect in no regard means that you lacking motivation for future growth.

These words provide great truth. Many people “settle” with the status quo. Then there are notions that we associate with perfect as arrogant or a cop out to journey further in life. But the truth is you can grow, change and reinvent yourself and still be perfect.  

It’s important that the essence of one’s perfection is evaluating themselves, accepting what they perceive as perfect in the present and growing from that.

When was the last time you marveled at your potential? Yesterday? Last week? Maybe you never have. Every single person should marvel at their potential each and everyday. The only way you can fully arrive into life is to view yourself with new eyes instead of meekly “going with the flow” because you don’t think you’re good enough to get into the big game.

Grant yourself permission today to grow and achieve further. Very few people give attention to the born capabilities in every human being to achieve greatness beyond the status quo.
There is no hard statistical data to measure greatness, so you don’t have to chart your data between normality and something worse.

If you feel that you are coping with life as well as the next person why not see yourself further, instead of seeing how you stack up against other people.

Begin to look at yourself in a new and exciting way.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Quote of the month

For those who always honor and respect others four conditions will increase: longevity, beauty, happiness, and strength 
~Dhammapada Canto VIII

Friday, July 8, 2011

Lace Ballerina Dress By Rare Opulence

Lace Ballerina Dress By Rare Opulence

Sweet goodness, I adore this dress! I have a thing for tutu style dresses, so I'm not at all surprised that my eyes slightly popped out of their socket when I saw this beauty. What I am surprised about is that I still like it despite it being a one shoulder piece. I'm two or non strap kind of girl, but this number is so pretty I don't care how many straps it has. I want it on me!


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sweet Vermicelli

Sweetness comes in many flavors: the chewiness of childish candy, the warmth of a friend's smile, the bliss of a surprise gift. From mouth to heart, my vermicelli day with my friend Amy was full of sweetness. 

Amy is a vessel of sweetness, so kind and so much fun to be around, and equally indecisive when it comes to choosing what to order. When it comes to Vietnamese I want a buffet, for a single plated meal always makes me want to something else. I just love it so much I can never decide what to fill myself with.

My heart set on a vermicelli bowl and a strawberry-banana smoothie. It was delicious, though I longed for a Vietnamese sub as I devoured my meal. I should learn to be more grateful of my meal.

I was however, very grateful for the gift Amy surprised me with. A sweetly written note accompanied sweet smelling cupcake vanilla body spray, some star burst candy, and a cute popsicle ring. All the items were something my heart smiled at.

The wind and brewing clouds tried to put a damper our warm heartened day, but neither of us let it. Though I have to admit the cold wind made taking pictures a challenge, a giggly one mind you.

I love days when it all seems so sweet. Not a drop of rain, a wrong meal order, or the worry of exam results can deter you away from what is presently at hand--happiness.

Retro Floral Print Romper: Thrift
Black Blazer: Thrift
White Heels: Spring Shoes
Gold Necklace: Borrowed

Saturday, July 2, 2011

French Flower Bouquet Postcard Collage Glass Pendant Necklace

This french flower bouquet postcard collage glass pendant from dahliagardener is all loveliness. It would make such a lovely accessory to add to a pretty white lace summer dress. dahliagardener has many of these cute pendants but I have to say this one is my favorite, there's something timely about it. Just looking at it makes me want to lay in a field of wild flowers and dream.