Thursday, August 30, 2012

A terrifying and beautiful thought

One of the most terrifying things about life is that you can become almost anything you set your mind and heart to. I use the word terrifying not as a negative, but it demonstrates the feeling of having boundless possibilities before you.

 If you were to look back 3 years ago, you may have imagined yourself at the very spot you are in now or the complete opposite has happened and life is very different from what you've imagined. Regardless, this shows that as we progress we become whatever our wills push us to become and nothing else.

 And if you think about the next 3 years of your life, you are greeted with a galaxy wide span of options. Anything can happen. The thought of life becomes more than simply goals, doing, and breathing. It's like standing on a high plateau looking at the great sky in front of you trying to take in all that in ahead of you, marveling at the vastness and beauty of it all.

With each day,  you are met with a countless number of possibilities. Your life at any given moment can go in any direction. You may start the day feeling so very single, and by the end of it you have a date. You could be bored at your desk and within the hour you get a call that a loved one has been in an accident. If you consider how many curves, twists, and opportunities life can toss at you you begin to see that the creation of who you become is something of a wonder.

This is why you should never think of your life as unchangeable. Things are altering around you without your permission, but when you become an active participant in your own life what you can make of it is astounding. With the help of God all things are possible, but you must be fully engaged in your own life. You may be working towards something you've always wanted, or maybe you don't know where you're going, perhaps things are finally looking up--as long as you always keep faith and give your own life a chance, you'll find life will give you something worth waking up for.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

We move lightly

Life occurs in little steps. Though there may be great leaps you must take from time to time, the majority of what your life becomes happens as a result of little, unnoticed, almost insignificant moments. But they're not insignificant are they? They are you.

They are your breakfasts, the movie you chose to see last weekend, the shoes you wore out from your morning runs, the posters on your bedroom wall, the crush you never revealed, the seat you pick on the bus, the first text you ever sent, the spill on the rug you could never get out, the scent of your first love on your clothes, the dance you decided to sit out, the alarm you sleep through, the first day of school, the last day of work before your dream vacation, the swing set your father would push you on, the first curfew you broke, the side of the bed you always sleep on, that perfect dream you had a month ago, the dog that always barks you down when you pass by, the chill of the wind as you realize summer is ending, the jeans that no longer fit, your favorite meal at your favorite restaurant, the clock ticking in the background as you try to finish a mountain of work, the scratchy feeling in your throat when you feel a cold coming on, the greeting of your furry friend, the anticipated dawn on Christmas, the compliment on your new haircut, the deep feeling of missing someone in the same room as you, the fear of telling someone how you really feel, the sigh after a hard day as you wind down, the yawn that comes when you're bored, that birthday where you felt rushed to put your life together, that quick text to say you're on your way, days spent indoors wondering what everyone else is doing, the disappointed feeling of working so hard and getting nothing in return, the first real fight with your first real friend, the feeling that brushes your heart when someone you care about smiles...because of you.

 And day by day these little moments that no one notices but us shapes us into these beings we call humans. We are little things, doing little things, that one day becomes a big deal. It's all life.

We Move Lightly by Dustin O'Halloran

Friday, August 24, 2012

Goldroom Fifteen

A late August sunset is partly clouded over. The winds rustle the dulling green leaves. The atmosphere is hazy, like looking through a foggy glass. It feels like you're struggling to remember the summer. Your mind is as cloudy as the sky above. Then, in the background of the evening stars, plays a song that brings it all back.

Fifteen by Goldroom Featuring Chela

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Keep walking

Keep walking.
 No one's going to carry you. 
Keep walking, even if you hate each step you have take. Keep walking. 
One day you'll see, you've arrived.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday Treasures

What a charming summer it's been--picnics, beautiful rainstorms, sweets and the sweetness of friends. I will miss it.

I wanted to share a few delights I recently received from near and far this summer.

Letter from my pen pal

Whenever I see something in the mail, handwritten and well thought out, I grin--inside and out. My pen pal from Algeria sent me not only a lovely letter, but a seashell and treasures from her life as well. This is just one of the reason why I love having a penpal. It's like having someone travel to you with their heart. She used a calender as an envelope and I think this is a very clever and stylish idea, one that I will be borrowing. Thank you again for the wonderful letter.

Cutest little cupcakes

 Yesterday, while I was out Downtown, I stumbled upon a cupcake shoppe called Buttercream cupcakes that has some deliciously cute cupcakes. The flavors here are french vanilla (purple frosting), strawberry shortcake (pink frosting) and red velvet (white frosting). They are rich, and full of flavor. Though I will admit they are pricey. This batch was over $9.00

Accessories and deals

BCBG had a promotion where if you tried on a pair of jeans you got $10 off your purchase of anything in the store. That's how this cute rabbit ring end up coming home with me. Say hello to Mr. Hello. His expression is bit bewildered but I think he's very cute. He's also quite large. I have long finger and Mr.hello takes a fair bit of room on them and he has some weight to him. He's not heavy, but you do notice him there the way you would with a cocktail ring.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Never ever do this

Never let anyone manipulate you into destroying your self esteem. They will own you, and will give you up to the world to devour you. Though it might be hard to ignore the brutal words of others (especially if they are coming from someone who is supposed to love you) you must try to retain some self worth and confidence in this world. It is all you ever really have. Don't put too much effort into pleasing others, instead use your efforts to love yourself. Let people say what they want and think what they want, but never let them trick you into sharing their negative thoughts.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Shoppers gives me something to look forward to

The winds are already getting cooler; the mind is preaparing for the long school year ahead; and summer feels like it's fading. All this can seem rather depressing. But August gives me something to get excited about: the shoppers drugmart teenpack. Every year I look forward to seeing what shoppers will include in the $9.99 pack. The price has yet to change and the products are still full size! Check what they added this year by viewing the video below.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Arrives

August sneaks up on you like a kitten in the grass, eyeing a butterfly that has perched itself onto a fully blossomed flower whose leaves are beginning to show signs of age.

Like the butterfly, resting peaceful in the sun, you are suddenly shaken as a tiny innocent paw reaches out to touch you.

 August means no harm, but it appears out of nowhere forcing you to look back on the time you had and the time you have left.

You scan your summer to-do list, still hopeful. It's only August. September hasn't made it's way around yet.

 Like the butterfly, you swiftly move off to another corner of  the garden, locating another resting place to feel what is left of summer on your wings.

August doesn't let you fully rest. Your insides are fluttering with all you still wish to accomplish.

 I will leave my sun on you a little while longer, Autumn says. I will grant you a little more time.

 Like the sweet playful kitten, Autumn moves back to a quiet corner, watching you, reminding you that it is only a matter of time before there is no more time left.

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