Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday Treasures

What a charming summer it's been--picnics, beautiful rainstorms, sweets and the sweetness of friends. I will miss it.

I wanted to share a few delights I recently received from near and far this summer.

Letter from my pen pal

Whenever I see something in the mail, handwritten and well thought out, I grin--inside and out. My pen pal from Algeria sent me not only a lovely letter, but a seashell and treasures from her life as well. This is just one of the reason why I love having a penpal. It's like having someone travel to you with their heart. She used a calender as an envelope and I think this is a very clever and stylish idea, one that I will be borrowing. Thank you again for the wonderful letter.

Cutest little cupcakes

 Yesterday, while I was out Downtown, I stumbled upon a cupcake shoppe called Buttercream cupcakes that has some deliciously cute cupcakes. The flavors here are french vanilla (purple frosting), strawberry shortcake (pink frosting) and red velvet (white frosting). They are rich, and full of flavor. Though I will admit they are pricey. This batch was over $9.00

Accessories and deals

BCBG had a promotion where if you tried on a pair of jeans you got $10 off your purchase of anything in the store. That's how this cute rabbit ring end up coming home with me. Say hello to Mr. Hello. His expression is bit bewildered but I think he's very cute. He's also quite large. I have long finger and Mr.hello takes a fair bit of room on them and he has some weight to him. He's not heavy, but you do notice him there the way you would with a cocktail ring.

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