Thursday, August 30, 2012

A terrifying and beautiful thought

One of the most terrifying things about life is that you can become almost anything you set your mind and heart to. I use the word terrifying not as a negative, but it demonstrates the feeling of having boundless possibilities before you.

 If you were to look back 3 years ago, you may have imagined yourself at the very spot you are in now or the complete opposite has happened and life is very different from what you've imagined. Regardless, this shows that as we progress we become whatever our wills push us to become and nothing else.

 And if you think about the next 3 years of your life, you are greeted with a galaxy wide span of options. Anything can happen. The thought of life becomes more than simply goals, doing, and breathing. It's like standing on a high plateau looking at the great sky in front of you trying to take in all that in ahead of you, marveling at the vastness and beauty of it all.

With each day,  you are met with a countless number of possibilities. Your life at any given moment can go in any direction. You may start the day feeling so very single, and by the end of it you have a date. You could be bored at your desk and within the hour you get a call that a loved one has been in an accident. If you consider how many curves, twists, and opportunities life can toss at you you begin to see that the creation of who you become is something of a wonder.

This is why you should never think of your life as unchangeable. Things are altering around you without your permission, but when you become an active participant in your own life what you can make of it is astounding. With the help of God all things are possible, but you must be fully engaged in your own life. You may be working towards something you've always wanted, or maybe you don't know where you're going, perhaps things are finally looking up--as long as you always keep faith and give your own life a chance, you'll find life will give you something worth waking up for.

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