Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Arrives

August sneaks up on you like a kitten in the grass, eyeing a butterfly that has perched itself onto a fully blossomed flower whose leaves are beginning to show signs of age.

Like the butterfly, resting peaceful in the sun, you are suddenly shaken as a tiny innocent paw reaches out to touch you.

 August means no harm, but it appears out of nowhere forcing you to look back on the time you had and the time you have left.

You scan your summer to-do list, still hopeful. It's only August. September hasn't made it's way around yet.

 Like the butterfly, you swiftly move off to another corner of  the garden, locating another resting place to feel what is left of summer on your wings.

August doesn't let you fully rest. Your insides are fluttering with all you still wish to accomplish.

 I will leave my sun on you a little while longer, Autumn says. I will grant you a little more time.

 Like the sweet playful kitten, Autumn moves back to a quiet corner, watching you, reminding you that it is only a matter of time before there is no more time left.

Dress:Yesstyle//Belt:Yesstyle//Shoes:Thrift Store//Tights:Ardene

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