Friday, February 24, 2012

A Stylish Soul

 When I shop it isn't to be an icon of beauty, or wow passer byers. I simply don't care about a lot of worldly goods other people do. I like simplicity. I'm more found of sun sets than gem stones.

I live in the world, yes. I go out and do what other girls do. I like things, looking at things, buying things, but I don't seek a deep connection with these things.

I don't want to be first in line for any gadget. I don't feel like a better person if people approve of the stuff I own. It's just stuff. My clothes, shoes, bag are just stuff. I'm starting to feel like I have too much stuff.

Yet I keep shopping.

What is the reason for this? It's what humans do I guess. But it's not what spirits do.

It's the spirit part of me that I value the most. That is what I want to look good. If I am too be really beautiful, truly stylish, then I should think more of the spirit than the body.

The spirit isn't dressed in fine jewels, but fine feelings such as peace, love and humility. The spirit doesn't seek out the latest trends, but instead the balance and oneness felt by giving yourself to everything beyond earthly desire.

I don't value my skirts; they don't bring peace or joy. I value my soul. I value God. I value what no shop on earth can sell  me.

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Skirt: Yesstyle
Top: Thirtstore
Gloves: Gift
Bag: Aldo


  1. I liked reading these thoughts :)

  2. Well stated!! I am in total agreement. An ugly soul makes for an even uglier exterior. We place too much importance on the outer man, and not enough on the inner man. If we live our lives to please God and not man, we will experience happiness, joy, and beauty that the natural man may not even be able to understand. It is a daily process to put God before ourselves in this world, but it can be done! Great post! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!

    1. Your comment is bang on :) Thank you for visiting my blog.