Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Moments of my day February 15

 Ever wakeup knowing you're going to have a bad day, or least not a good one. That is how I felt when I woke up. I just didn't feel any enthusiasm for the day. I decided to shake off this feeling because I refused to give into a pessimistic attitude.
One of the reasons why I knew I wasn't going like the day was because I had to visit the denist and that always ruins my day. The trip there is unpleasant; the experience is unpleasnat; the feeling of walking out of there with a giant bill guessed it...unpleasant.

To brighten up the day, I went to buy some left over Valentine's treats. On the top of the list were cupcakes. But the mall I was in didn't have any. Instead, I found myself in a new shop called Zexy Berries. It's I guess a dessert shop that sells chocolate covered fruits. But they also offer cookies and waffles. I've always wanted a waffle place in my city and to find one closer to my home was the best part of my day. I ordered a small one with strawberries and white chocolate. It was exactly what I needed to make the day go right.

I also bought some cookies from Zexy Berries. The service was wonderful and I know I'll be going there often. Sometimes you roll out of bed wishing the whole world would disappear. In those times, look for something, anything, in this big ol' world that makes being here worth it.

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