Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lost in a moment

Life is simply a string of moments, some good...some bad. A string of moments that make us who we are and show us what we want. The beauty of life is sharing moments that you will cherish with someone else. My friend Amy is some who I always enjoy making moments of memories with. We have a habit of getting lost--lost in laughter, lost in conversation, lost in the moment.

We also get lost while adventuring around our city, and this of course leads to more memories. The feeling of being lost is usually one that disturbs me. I dislike not knowing where I am or what I'm doing, but when you're with a friend it's no longer the frighting feeling of being lost but instead the exlileration of exploration. We explored shops, explored the streets and paveways of our city and our tastebuds explored new flavors. It was a moment I can easily look back on; one that I don't believe will get lost in the shuffle of my many memories.

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