Thursday, February 9, 2012

Moments of my day Feb 8

A youtube follower requested a review of a cleanser I recieved. In order to test how well it actually removed makeup, I made the effort and did my make up (something I rarely do). That was the jist of my day; getting dressed and doing homework in between moments of dancing and napping.

The top and skirt are my new favorite pieces in my wardrobe. I wanted the skirt since last year, but it was always too expensive. Finally however, with a coupon code, the price was a little less extreme. I love all the ways I can play around with it.

The top I originally saw on and thought it would be something a style blogger would own. I don't consider myself a style blogger but when I saw it at H&M I had to have it.

Some days are fun, because you choose to make them that way. Even if you're sick, or busy with obligations, or worrying about something you can still take a small moment out of your day to do something enjoyable.

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