Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Moments of my day Feb 22

You wake up, thinking the day will be like any other and suddenly something happens to change winning a contest. Mid morning, I recieved a message notifying me that I was the winner of a contest held by a youtube  member. I'm never lucky in contests, so I was more than excited when I found out I won.

It's amazing how winning something, having something good happen to you, makes the whole day sit on an optimistic and postive note. I felt lucky throughout the day.

Simply being to able wakup this morning with little pain, a roof over my head and a family makes me lucky or rather blessed, but we so often take these things for granted. I was more excited about winning something. Because for that moment it was as if fate chose me instead of anyone else. But fate chose me all day long, all month long.

 I'm still here, while other are not. I have friends and a family, while others don't, and I am safe, while many others are praying to be rescued.

We forget the mundane are the significant things in our life; the things that we assume are natural and everyday, like checking text messages (which is not at all mundane since in order to do so you must have a cell phone and that is a luxury in itself). Even if I had not won the contest I still would be considered a very lucky girl.

{Sorry I do not have a pic of my day but I thank you for reading xox}

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