Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sweet Vermicelli

Sweetness comes in many flavors: the chewiness of childish candy, the warmth of a friend's smile, the bliss of a surprise gift. From mouth to heart, my vermicelli day with my friend Amy was full of sweetness. 

Amy is a vessel of sweetness, so kind and so much fun to be around, and equally indecisive when it comes to choosing what to order. When it comes to Vietnamese I want a buffet, for a single plated meal always makes me want to something else. I just love it so much I can never decide what to fill myself with.

My heart set on a vermicelli bowl and a strawberry-banana smoothie. It was delicious, though I longed for a Vietnamese sub as I devoured my meal. I should learn to be more grateful of my meal.

I was however, very grateful for the gift Amy surprised me with. A sweetly written note accompanied sweet smelling cupcake vanilla body spray, some star burst candy, and a cute popsicle ring. All the items were something my heart smiled at.

The wind and brewing clouds tried to put a damper our warm heartened day, but neither of us let it. Though I have to admit the cold wind made taking pictures a challenge, a giggly one mind you.

I love days when it all seems so sweet. Not a drop of rain, a wrong meal order, or the worry of exam results can deter you away from what is presently at hand--happiness.

Retro Floral Print Romper: Thrift
Black Blazer: Thrift
White Heels: Spring Shoes
Gold Necklace: Borrowed

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