Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Attack of the warm fuzzies

Does happiness travel through the air? If it does my dear friend and I were attacked with it in the park. It floated on soft white clouds and blew around us, drifting gently to the ground. 

The wind carried these fuzzy warm feelings through the air as if to say, smile...the sun it out and the day is blessed.

Amy and I tossed aside our accessories and danced in the fairy tale like park, even enjoying a private concert that could have been conducted by the pixies themselves. The flute fluted. The sun glistened and happiness danced inside me. I threw my cares in the wind and the wind brought me back smiles.

We made no fuss, just played with fuzz. We bartered our burdens for belly laughs. The wind said, yes I will take your frowns and you can have a full day of fuzzy fun. The wind made no reservations; it sent those clouds of happiness down in swarms. I wondered if it was a fair trade, for I spent the day in bliss but the wind had nothing but a past frown.

Darling wind attack me with your fuzzy love whenever you please and I shall give you my sorrows.

Dress: Thrift 
Sun hat: Ardene
Shoes: Me Too
Bag: Borrowed
Belt: Thrift
Cardigan: Thrift

1 comment:

  1. You are the most beautiful girl on the planet.
    The attacking fuzzies loved you too. Let's go for sushi, a picnic, a movie, a day of laughter, a day of sugar. Let's do anything. Let's explore. I am always amazed by your words, and I adore you so