Wednesday, June 6, 2012

So Test Me June

Life is full of tests isn't it? Minor ones, major ones, some you can prepare for and others you never saw coming.

It feels good, doesn't it, to pass life's challenges I mean. But what if you know you're failing. It is possible to feel like a complete failure at some of the tests life throws at you. Or to feel tired of the constant preparation for the next big hurdle.

Take a deep breath. 

That's what I tell myself. As I stand outside watching the world change into a beauty of flora, I breathe in summer. I breathe in life.

 There are days when I want life to give me a break. Stop testing me I plead. I need time to just be, to breathe.

 But then I remember everyone shares this story. Everyone is being tested. And without a life's challenges how would I know what I was capable of. Would I love summer as much if I never endured winter?

 The hardships of life can be in there own way, rewarding. They draw out your strength. They help you get creative, assertive, aware.

With each test I come into a kind of summer, a self blossoming. And despite knowing there is another test just around the corner I take the time to breathe, to be proud of myself, and to reassure myself "I can do it"

 So if you must June, test me. Bring on your thunder storms and cloudy days. I won't begrudge you. Bring me rains for my garden. Help me blossom.


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