Monday, October 8, 2012

Super Kawaii Haul! These items are too cute to handle

I love kawaii cute items, so I was so excited when my bestie got me all this cute stuff while on vacation! Thank You!!! In this kawaii haul are candies, stationary, bath stuff and beauty items. I won't show everything, but I will show a few of my favorite items that put an instant smile on my face ^.^

This is perhaps my favorite item (though I love them all). It's a notebook, but it is so cute and so me. The girls are adorable and I love how it's called "Happy Girl" It even has this super cute fashion game inside where you can dress up each girl character in different outfits. It's so perfectly cute, I can't handle it and something I would have picked for myself!

These candies were so good! They are hard candies that taste like pop. They even fizz in your mouth! I love the packaging. The big bold colorful letters definitely get my attention and goes with the whole "happiness" theme.

I have not used this product yet, but it is a bathbomb with a secret inside! I cannot wait to try it out and see what's inside and what it smells like. But the packaging alone makes me so happy. I mean it's called happy dolphin. How can you not smile!

This was such a wonderful surprise and you are a sweetheart for getting me all these lovely kawaii cute items!

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