Sunday, August 18, 2013

Banff: Mountains and Memories

The mountains and evergreens of Banff welcomed my friends and I this summer. A day was spent treking through the small town, while we took in the daily life of those that live there. Pastry shops, sushi and local boutiques were all stops along the way.

Though not far away, it feels like entering a different time. Perhaps it's the pace. Banff, being a small tow, feels like stepping into a time period where you still knew the nieghbor, and the local bar knows your order by heart.

 When you live in a place so long, without really venturing out (that includes outside your own perspective), you forget what it may look like to someone else. The drive to Banff had it's postcard picturesque moments that left me in awe of my own Province.

The rains began to fall; the fog decended, and the scene took on a a mystic eerie feel, that made one both worried and yet inspired. It's the kind of scene that is beautiful to stare at from ones window, safe indoors, but creates feelings of deep caution when you have to drive in it.

The rains slide down the mighty mountains, unaffecting it's majesty, and slipped into the lake, making little ripples that carried on seemingly endlessly. The weather was gratifying. Not too hot, nor too cold. The rains brought out the mosquitos who enthusiastically followed us through our walk.

One of my favorite things about going somewhere else is trying new food. That's also the downside, since new favorite treats cannot easily be accessed. But it gives me an excuse to go there again. In Banff is a Pastry shop that sells ice cream and a dessert called "Beaver Tail." The Beaver is a big part of Alberta culture, so the name is fitting. The dessert comes in a varity of flavors, but my friends and I opted for Skor and cream cheese. It was delicious! The pastry itself is rich and kind of sweet, but the skor, frosting, and caramel...divine.
The sushi in Banff was also tasty and well priced considering that Banff food can be a bit pricey.

It's nice to get out of the city, even if you don't go very far. See other sights, engage in different activites, and give yor senses something new to take in. We saw muesum exhibits, horses pulling tourists down the street and locals going on with their ordinary days. And I wonder if they ever take the time to see their lovely little towne the way we outsiders do.

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