Friday, September 6, 2013

I heart these overalls

We made friends with the lilies, letting them be
They grew wild, uninhibited and free
For friends let friends live life as need be
 Friends simply want friends to be happy. 

For a while now, I wanted a pair of skinny jean overalls. This was easier said than done, as most were way out of my price range. But early this year, I found a pair on Aliexpress that fit my needs. The paticular seller I bought them from is no longer selling them, but searching "skinny denim overalls women" should turn them up. These were only $17.00  and I love them. They have a heart shaped pocket on the front, and embroidered hearts on the back pockets. While I was hoping for them to be a little more form fitting, I like the baggy roomy feel. They are super confortable, and I know I'll be wearing them for many suns and moons. The top is also from

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