Thursday, March 3, 2011

The postman knocked twice

The post man knocked while I was making this video, but luckily the camera was off for a minuet. It's like I knew. I dislike when I have to restart a video from the beginning, because I never know what to say. But the knocking ringing postman got me thinking about how God likes to deliver messages to us, and how he also will knock more than once to make sure we hear him.

The first is always gentle, sometimes just a tap and only those that are truly listening will hear. It's a blessing if you can hear it the first time. But if you don't he will knock a second time, louder, stronger and with more urgency. And if you still don't hear, or don't want to answer, he will again try to deliver it. The force is now greater, it's less of a knock and more of banging beating sound. You can't ignore it.
Keep your ears and heart open, so you may hear him the first time and let him send you his messages and gifts to you.

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