Friday, April 22, 2011

Conquring the "I Cant"

"I Can't." I say that a lot. More often than I need to and it's a lie every time. Is it habit? Is "can't" one of those things you say when you're too lazy, tired, busy to try. Does it really belong in our language after causing so much damage. We have given it so much power.

"I can't." It's not even a pair of words anymore but a force. A force to be reckoned with. And something in me wants to fight to it. I want to gauge it, tear it, stomp it down and force it out out of existence. I want to conquer it!

It won't be easy I know. It's so simple to say, so easy to believe.

Can you? "No I can't."

But if I try, if I look at it in the eye and say you, you are but a mere illusion. You have false. A lie. A remarkable clever deceit! If I can stop branding every challenge with this stamp "I can't" then I can triumph over it.

I will begin with loving the challenge. I will relish in it. Appreciate the fact that God thinks I'm strong enough, worthy enough, trusting enough to see it through.  

I will be patient with myself and others remembering that "can't" is just waiting for me to rush into its arms.

And I will boldly criticize myself when I feel myself giving into "can't."  How dare I, when God already knows I can. He's already set about my victory. I cannot disappoint him.

"I can't" cannot have a place in your life if you are to be all you want to be. Say goodbye to it now and brace the power of can

Love that life challenges you and know that you can do it!

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