Sunday, April 3, 2011

My first ballet slippers. A lesson in life.

Many days will come and go and many steps you’ll take, My hope for you is that you’ll find balance in all the choices you make.

Tiny feet need to be loved and these slippers are blessed, Once you learn how to dance your feet will never rest.

Dance throughout your life and your life will take your lead, When you cultivate your soul you plant a mighty seed.

Dancing is like magic. It can take you anywhere you want to go, May you find solace in a good song that taps into your soul.

A long slow ballet can find you romance. A fast hip hop beat can make your heart pound too. Good dancers dance them all. They learn to how to find their groove.

Every day is a chance to dance. You can begin at any age. You just need to make your life your stage.

When you find pride in every movement others will applaud you, Your performance will be at its best when you share what’s inside you.

Like you, your ballet slippers will change over time, As you sweat they will melt to your feet and change their rhyme.

From small pink slippers to high heeled shoes, No one can lead your life’s dance but you.

Many around you will impact your life, Some steps you take may cause you strife.

Follow the footsteps of those you admire, And choreograph your own work when others have lost their tune.

So, when life gets tough or when new changes appear, Remember this pair of slippers you hold so dear.

— Boegli, 2005
My first ballet slippers. A lesson in life. Poem by DeAnne Boegli.

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