Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Warm my head and warm my heart

The sun shone as brightly as my yellow toque the day I took this picture. Spring had settled and there wasn’t an icicle in sight. But still I felt cold. A chill crossed upon me: uninvited, and unfitting of the cheery yellow that shone through the window.

There are days when the sun itself cannot fill me. Its heat does not penetrate. On those days when I need more, I turn to the one who controls the rays. I put on my cap of sunny yellow and pray a prayer for your warmth oh Lord. Only you can warm my heart and set a fire in my soul large enough to keep the winters of life at bay.

I tried many things that day to sustain the warmth, attempting one substitute after the other: hats, sweaters, blankets and warm delicious stew made by my hands thinking it would lock in the heat. But there was nothing that could truly suffice. Nothing could take your place and embody your love.

A hat on my head for days of chill, a belly of stew for evenings of cold hunger, and the Lord in my heart for an eternity of warmth.

Toque: Thrift Store
Check Shirt: Thrift Store
Dark Denim Skinny Jeans: Urban Behavior
Suspenders: H&M

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