Sunday, June 26, 2011

Would you trade your life

Did you ever want to sell you your life perhaps on eBay or something and bid on a new one? I’ve entertained this notion once or twice.

Of course it’s preposterous because the grass is never greener on the other side. Not without work. And I’m not sure I could handle the work that goes into making somebody else’s grass greener. I can, for the most part, handle the challenges in my life but I’m not sure I could live another person’s life adequately. I might end up killing their garden completely.
But the idea of a different life still comes to me sometimes. Not necessarily my entire life, but bits and pieces of it.

Stuff I don’t find works for me, but would do quite nicely for someone else. For example, I’m very thin and though I have no problems with my weight I do have issues with my health. Now someone might be happy to trade their perfect health for a tiny body.

Or perhaps someone would be more than glad to trade their house at the beach side for a position at some fashion magazine, who knows what people secretly desire.

But imagine if you could give something away, something you don’t truly value, or find bothersome in exchange for something you desperately long for.

When I get this silly notion of wanting a different life in my head I remind myself only some of my life is given to me by God (my body, my mind, family etc) the rest are things I put there or allowed myself to be exposed to. Before I start criticizing any part of my life, I need to remember that a lot of it is what I made; all the things in it I wanted at some point in time. And should it no longer be of use to, I have the option of letting it go or altering it so it does.

Thus at any given time, my life has the potential to be as good as I want it to be, with the help of God.

~Adelaide Love

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