Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The girl who lived in her blind spot

She gets lost a lot.
She takes long walks through the forest of her mind, exploring the landscape but can never find her way out.
She's a sweet piece of work with good intentions but disturbed.
She plants seeds of love but forgets to tend her garden.
She can never remember where she left her heart, always leaving it in one person's care or another.
She buys dreams wrapped in brown paper packages and keeps them wrapped up.
She collects personalities and puts them on a display, dusting them off regularly.
She never knows where she's going or where she came from.
Oh but the journey with her is something of perfection. She will keep you entertained with stories and song that you will forget how treacherous the path is. You will not feel the rain under the umbrella of her laughter.
Bring her water for her garden.
Hold onto her heart so she may not be overwhlemed with searching for it.
Give her a compass to find her way home.

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