Friday, October 7, 2011

The image in the mirror

Do you remember what it was like to look in the mirror and not be affected by the image looking back. Can you remember looking in the mirror and thinking "Oh that's me" Instead of "Oh that's me and I have a gross zit on my face, and my nose is too big; my eyes are too small. I wish my teeth were straighter. My complexion looks blotchy. I hate that mole on my cheek. Have I put on weight? Maybe I've lost weight. I'm too skinny. I should be skinner. I wish my my boobs were bigger. I need to flatten my stomach. I want longer hair. I need a new hair cut. Why aren't my lashes curled. I hate my appearance."

Your three year old self wouldn't have given a damn about the size of her nose, so perhaps it's time to befriend our past selves that could look in the mirror and say "hello me" and leave it at that.

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