Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hey there, July

Hey there July, have you come to break my heart or kick start it? Are you looking for a victim or a friend? I could be smiling, tearing up from summer time laughter or shedding streaks of summer time blues. July, you bring so much excitment. The thrill of your arrival is too much for one girl sometimes.

 Ah, but you never make any promises, not real ones anyway. Sunny days, heated nights, sun soaked memories and stormy thunderous serenades. July can make you do anything and be anything. It can leave you blissed from summer sweetness as you run through the streets chasing your summer star or leave you wading through it's pool of summer sadness.

Hey there July, will you make me smile or make me cry?

Top:Asian market//Skirt:thrifted//Boots:gift//

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