Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Moments of my day Feb 27

I listen to Chopin, while I read long articles about hedge funds for client research. Cheese and crackers with licorice root tea make up my breakfast.
 My face gets pampered with a French facial mask made for beauty queens. I turn in my french assignment and make a wish that I haven't mucked it up.

 I check tumblr obsessively, to see if anything will inspire me, and find I am being inspired by everything. I force myself to log out only to log back on, and continue to be filled with too much desire of things I never will see of have.

I find myself getting nervous about exams and expectations from clients so I pull out a coloring book and calm myself with hues of purple and blue on fishes and balloons.

Yann Tiersen begins to over take Chopin and the swift impassioned violin tune remind me the day is going and I need to resume work and study.

My phone is shut off and I miss a call, but I'm also too busy to call right back, or so I tell myself. 

I miss lunch, because I can't decide what to eat. Instead, I munch on raw pumpkin seeds to keep my energy up. I take out beef for a roast beef supper. Though the more I think about it the more I see I'm craving chicken.

I finish the draft for a client and consider myself productive for the morning, though a pile of work await me for the afternoon.

I want to rush through it, but my health forces me to do things in small increments. I move like a snail. I feel as if nothing gets 'done' and I am always playing catch up. I tell myself to stop getting myself down for lack of energy and use whatever I have to do the task in front of me.

I get a lovely message from a follower, which put a bright spot in my day and take a moment to listen to the silence while I breath in and out, giving thanks for the day.  

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