Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Review of Aubrey Blue Algae Soothing Mask

The Aubrey Blue Green Algae Soothing Mask is toted as being an organic facial mask that will sooth stressed skin while gently exfoliating. I've been using it for a little over a month and wanted to share a review highlighting some of the pros and cons of this facial product.


No skin irriatation: Over the past couple years, my skin has become sensitive, breaking out over virtually every product. I'm happy to say however that Aubrey's blue green algae soothing mask does not irritate my skin at all. Instead, it makes my skin feel soothed and suble.

Moisturising: This product contains grapeseed extract and that may count for the fact that this product is not drying on the skin. Unlike other facial masks that dry hard like clay, this one is very creamy and does not dry out. While on, my skin feels very moisturized and warm.

Soothing: While I wouldn't say this product is a miracle product that gets rid of acne or blemishes, it does not add to pre-existing ones. The mask opens up the pores and gets out impurites which helps to improve the look of the skin. I find the benefits are subtle. It's the type of mask that you add to your ongoing skin care regime, but I wouldn't use it alone to tame skin problems. It works well with other products and helps to change the texture of your skin in subtle ways so over time your skin looks and feels better. One thing I will say is it did greatly reduce the size of my pores!


I didn't have any real cons with this product, but if I had to choose I'd have to name price as a factor. It often sells for 10+ dollars and can really only be found online so you'd have to consider shipping costs. But you can find it on vitacost and get a couple dollars off. Those who are looking for a product that dramatically improves their skin may also be a little disappointed because this product, while helpful, does not immediately change your skin.

Overall: I love this product! Personally, I find it works great as part of my skin care regime. It's easy to use. Contains no harmful products and I consider it much more cost friendly than other products that perform similarly and/or contain the same ingredients. I wish I could get it locally, but I am willing to dish out the shipping costs to have this product. I recommend it to anyone looking to add an organic mask to their facial care regime.

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