Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blessed Luck

I used to think I was a very lucky girl. That I was always dealt a nice hand of cards. But I soon realized that I'm not lucky at all.

I'm not lucky. I'm blessed. When I am holding on by a very thin string, God is the one keeping me from falling. He's the one that helps me play a fair hand in this game called life. Though some days I can feel as though there in nothing on my side, and there is no way to come out of a situation a winner, and the stack of cards leave me with very few options. I am reminded that God is on my side. Because he loves me I am always a winner and with his love there is always an option. And most times, the best option is just to keep trusting and believing in him. I cannot rely on luck or hold the belief that it can change but I can maintain the belief that God is still with me and he has blessed me with his love.

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