Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Change for the better

The quote above says "people change for the better, not for the worse." With God, they do. They adapt better, they cope better, they make better decisions, and they live and love better. Being on the other side, when I tried to change without him, didn't let me do a good job. I mean I was living, and I was changing, but I wasn't becoming someone I could be proud of. Perhaps it was because I was changing for the world, doing what those who live for external wanted me to do. But the external is limiting. You can only accomplish so much; you can only experience so much; and you can only change so much. But returning to the internal and the eternal eliminated the boundaries and limits. I changed fully, while still allowing myself to believe that God made me perfect. That in this moment, I can accept who I am and live as my best self.

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