Thursday, September 15, 2011

Letter to a friend: short text = big smiles.

Dear Jack,

Thank you for texting me after lunch yesterday to see how it went since you couldn't make it. None of my friends showed up, but I had a blast with my sister's friends. It was such a simple act to text and check up on the event, but it was greatly felt and appreciated. And you were the only one that did it.

I know I could send you off an email to say this, but I wanted it to be somewhere that I could quickly turn to on days when I feel a bit alone to remind me that common courtesy still exists and small acts have enormous weight.

We don't see each other often and I know that I can't always keep our plans, but it's never because I don't want to. I'm very glad to know you and I wanted you to know that your little act made a big impact on my day.

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