Friday, September 2, 2011

North, East, South and West

If my heart were a compass it would guide me through an adventure that brought to me to all four corners of my city. My heart did just that not that long ago. It offered me smiles in all corners of my city and with each adventure a new delight for my heart.

In the North East, I bought some items that make my little heart dance. Forced to use gift cards on whim, I purchased some both inexpensive and lush items. From Urban Behavior I found some jeans and a skirt both for only $10. I love finding items that cost little but offer big smiles. Then it was off to LUSH, my favorite cosmetics store. This isn’t a shop, it’s an experience—one that stays with me long after the purchase. Some treats for the skin were bought and if it wasn’t for another engagement, I would have stayed there all day. My heart spun South, for a friendly day out with a friend.

We ate pizza and told stories. My friend Diksha and I always have an adventurous time, even in the most simplest of moments. She is someone that can make even the sun itself shin brighter. She is bubbly and full of excitement, which makes all things with her exciting. Kind and good, you can never be blue when you’re with her. No matter what part of the world she’s in, she always has a piece of my heart.

We sat in F.A.T.S and decided that the South was pleasant but the West was calling. A makeshift picnic on a hill with a spectacular view of her area put us in a relaxed mood. Too relaxed. To shake things up a bit and to shake our tail feather, we went to West, a lounge in my city. It is not a place to arrive late at and it offered a pretentious atmosphere with college grads pushing and shoving, grinding and jiving all in an attempt to hang on to their youth.

Whether I’m in the north, east, south, or west, my heart is content and I feel blessed.

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