Monday, September 5, 2011

Sweet September

September is my favorite month. It’s undeceive and compromising. With it we find the colorful death of summer. It is kind enough to make us bid adieu without a bleak or melancholic attitude.

It brings us winds of change that host cinnamon spices mixed with the sweet scent of what is left of summer. It contains a beauty woven into knitted scarfs and plaid skirts.

September says hello by awakening your senses and pulling out your dreams from the sandy castles of summer.

Not quite autumn but not entirely summery, September is a month for those that like to live in between and for those who enjoy both nostalgia and the hopes of a tomorrow not yet realized.

It is bitter sweet. It is gentle, cradling you in enough warmth to let you say goodbye. New beginnings and old memories live simultaneously in this month of colorful splendor.

 It can’t keep summer forever, but it can keep it long enough to let you remember you had it. It is a sneaky month, trading lush green grass for rainbow infused trees. You know the season is dying but it isn’t a death that is drenched in dreary despair. It is a death that reminds you that you are alive, the world is alive and a new season lives in place of the old one.

 Say farewell to your summer wishes; let them slumber, and trade them for the dreams of September. 

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