Sunday, December 11, 2011

Snowy Salutations

As if they were happy to see me, snow flakes kissed me and swirled around encouraging me to stay awhile and play. My mother, being cautious, thought it would be a better idea for me to stay in and take the magic of winter from behind a window.

Usually I fear the cold, but I felt a kind of oneness with the season while standing out there. A magic was blossoming the same way flowers do in spring. I felt in awe that months prior my lawn was covered with greenage and now cold, wet, white heaped upon itself on the ground.

Seasons teach me that there is beauty in every stage of life. That not everything has to be bursting with life like summer to be considered beautiful.

Seasons teach me to accept change. No matter what, life progresses and nothing stays the same. This is a good thing; it's a beautiful thing, and it's something worth living for.

When the last snow flake of the season has kissed my cheek, spring will make its entrance. Until then, I will enjoy the season the same way I will enjoy each stage of my life.

Dress: H&M
Cardigan: H&M
Gloves: Navis Castle on Etsy
Purse: Garage Sale

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  1. I love love love your dress + necklace!