Monday, January 23, 2012

Yesstyle Haul/Review. Pic Heavy.

Chictopia gave me a promocode for, and seeing as how I always wanted to buy items from there, I went on a shopping spree buying practically a new wardrobe from the site. My items came within about 2 weeks. The video below shows an unboxing of the items the day I recieved the package.

My experience with yesstyle was a pleasant one. All the items were true to their description. I was in fact surprised by how nice they looked in person and on. The only con (mostly due to my error) was yesstyle sent me two of the exact same belt. My invoice showed I ordered two, but I don't recall seeing two in my cart before my checkout. I know I had wanted another belt, but instead I recieved two of the same belt.

All my items fit well. Considering that mostly everything I bought was described as onesize, I was a bit nervous, but they all fit. I have tried to include links to all the items in the haul but everything was bought on sale so some of them may be sold out.

Dolman Sleeve Knit Top  
This was a set piece that came with a necklace. It is supposed to be baggy and is longer than expected. It can be worn as a mini dress.

Set: Shorts+Belt+Tights

I love this set piece. I was really nervous it would not fit but the elastic on the shorts makes it a good fit for those small-medium. The tights are warm and are better quality than more expensive tights I've bought. The belt is cheap and does not seem like it would last long, but it works with the set.

Inset Lace Top Chiffon Dress
   Very sheer, but pretty non the less, this dress is chiffon dress with a lace top sewn in. This picture distorts the color, but in person it is more of a light peachy pink.

Braided Buckle Elasticized Belt
This is the belt I recieved two of. I like it, but I wish I had caught that there were two in my cart.

Girl Print Pullover 

 This is possibly my favorite item. It is very warm and I love the pockets on the side.

Wool Blend Miniskirt
Set: Drop Shoulder Top + Scarf
 The scarf on this top can be removed. This lets you wear it without a scarf, or add your own. I love the skirt and was pleasantly surprised to find it wasn't as boxy as the photo on yesstyle appeared.

Red Buckled Twist Lock Satchel
This bag is not made to last, but it is cute and I love the velvet feeling material combined with with the faux leather. The cloth material seems as if it would hold up, but the leather part is very cheap feeling and looking. While it looks medium sized, it carries a lot. My entire yesstyle haul fits in it! :)

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