Sunday, March 10, 2013

All you can eat

We laughed, Amy and I, as we prepared ourselves for the stack of sushi we're about to consume at. All you can eat, suddenly felt like all I'd ever eat. Our tummies say no more, but our mouths water at the menu as we look for another compilation to torture ourselves with. I stuff sushi larger than either my mouth or belly in me, while Amy slurps noodles that have turned cold. It's the company, not the sushi I was craving.

The sparkling bubbles from ginger ale tickled my noise, while they soothed my over stuffed tummy. I would have gulped down this drink even if my belly was blissed, but the ache gives me an excuse. Ginger ale gives me the giggles. It's something sweet for a girl that usually prefers things spicy. There really isn't much ginger inside, not like homemade, but the dancing bubble and fizzy fun make me and my tummy and I happy.

The Rainbow Bakery, that's the name that hosts these desserts at a sweet price. My eyes consume desserts far more than my mouth. If I could, I'd have a glass cabinet full of delightful desserts Cupcakes, tarts, and little pastries look so lovely behind the glass counter at the bakery. I wish they would could keep forever. These ones were tasty, but I've never had a sweet tooth. I love desserts for their cute charm, and the way they can round off a perfect afternoon.

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