Thursday, March 7, 2013

Kiss me all over

Sun kisses from rays of summer sun make me dance in the garden just to remind myself to have fun. The kisses are innocent, just little pecks to say good morning darling. A kiss to say everything will be alright. The world is beautiful and bright, so let go of your cares.

Little rain drops kiss me in spring. They make me shiver, while they romance my palms. The kisses sprinkle through my air and stay with me long after the rain stops.

The fall wind passionately kisses my soul, passing over my lips, cheeks, rushing deep in me. The intensity sends me indoors, with cheeks blushed like a girl who has never been kissed before.

December doesn't want to left out. It sends me snowflakes that kiss my noise. Sometimes it's bashfull, only giving me a few flakes to tell me it likes me. Other times, it acts as if it can't bare to lose me sending kisses over me that leave an unforgettable impression.

Kiss me fast
kiss me slow
kiss me all over
don't let me go

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