Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday Treasures

The week is off to a charming start. I loved last week though. We celebrated all things green and in my mailbox were words from far away, gentle and uplifting. I hope you too get to hear sweet words from someone in your life this week. I also got the chance to interview a very stylish and nice guy: Francesco of Youth Against Fashion. You can read about him on my other blog

La semaine est un début de charme. J'ai adoré la semaine dernière si. Nous avons célébré tout vert choses et dans ma boîte aux lettres étaient des mots de loin, douce et tonique. J'espère que vous aussi l'occasion d'entendre des mots doux de quelqu'un dans votre vie cette semaine. J'ai aussi eu la chance d'interviewer un homme très élégant et sympathique: Francesco de la jeunesse contre le mode.

Youth Against Fashion Interview
Francesco of Youth Against Fashion was kind enough to let me interview him. He's a source of inspiration for me when it comes to style because he knows how to perfectly layer and combine unique pieces with basics. He is also a painter and his company INVERTED COMMAS offers simple totes with his creative paintings.

Green Drinks
My family normally doesn't celebrate St. Patrick's Day, except wearing the odd green thing. But we had a bottle of green sour apple mix and decided to have a mini family party. This mixer is declicious, but you have to dilute it with something because it is very sweet.

A Letter from My Penpal

My penpal Azed, sent me a lovely letter. Included with it was a postcard, and a splendid bookmark that she made herself. I love it! I wish I was creative in that way so I could make something equally as cute to send to her. I also wish I had more penpals, because I love writing and recieving letters.

I got a Liebster Award

Ayanna of http://thelookbookphilosophy.com/ was kind enough to include me in her liebster blog list. I was not sure what that was at first, but it seems it is an award bestowed to blogs that you find motivating and/or inspiring with under 200 followers. I'm thrilled and humbled by the idea of anyone thinking this blog is motivating.


  1. The green apple mixer looks delicious (And totally perfect for St. Patty's Day)!

    Can I just say I am super jealous of your penpal? I've always wanted one, but have never had one!

    1. I'd love to have another penpal :D