Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday Treasures

The shopping bug has bit me. I bought a new cellphone, some shoes, and Yesstyle is offering an EXTRA 15% off ALL shoes. Use the coupon code EXTRA15OFF at checkout to get the deal. I have to make sure I reign myself in. The end of March always brings sadness to my wallet because so many stores offer disounts.

J'ai fait des emplettes beaucoup. J'ai acheté un nouveau téléphone portable et les chaussures. YesStyle donne un rabais sur les chaussures. Le code est EXTRA15OFF. Je vais essayer de ne pas dépenser :)

Yesstyle shoe sale

Get an extra 15% off  on shoes until April 11.

Nexus S

Because of great promotion, I decided to get the Nexus S yesterday. So far I like it. It's easy to use, runs on android so it's very customizable and the camera/video are decent. On sale, it's a good purchase.

Cora's Surprise

Last weekend, my breakfast buddy and I went to Cora's again. Remember, we're going there until we try everything on the menu (excpet she ordered the same meal as last time). This time, I had Surprise! The meal is a ham, egg, and cheese sandwich on frenchtoast battered bread with a side, or rather mountain, of fruit. I was so hungry I gobbled it down quickly, but it was filling. The sandwich has a sweetness to it. Not too much, but you can notice it. Though it was not a great as some of the other options, it was tasty.

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