Sunday, April 7, 2013

Monster Friend Series: The Gremlin

The gremlin. These are your two faced back stabbers. Gremlins have two sides: the really sweet, cute, fun side and the mean, spiteful, side. Most Gremlins are users. They find people who have what they want and attempt to take it. They are never real friends. Even the vampire can make some effort to be a friend but not gremlins.

The major problem with them is that by the time you see what they’ve done, it’s too late. They are nice to your face, while they sabotage you behind your back.

 Example, they’ll tell you they’re so happy for you and your new guy, while they plot to take him for themselves.

Because gremlins appear loveable to most people, it’s harder to get people to believe you when you tell them they aren’t actually nice people. It’s also hard to see it for yourself, because everything they do on the outside looks so sweet.

For me, they are the worst type of monster friends because they play games with you and make it difficult to trust people after they leave. You start to wonder if a person is really nice or if they are just a gremlin who is stabbing you in the back. But a major difference between a gremlin and an actual friend is that gremlins don't do something for nothing. They either want something directly from you, or they do it keep up the illusion of them being nice people. A good friend won't keep track of the nice things they do for you, but a gremlin will.

The main reason is because all gremlins are users. They won't waste their time trying to be your friend unless they can get something from you. They have highly envious natures and often seek out people who they "admire" or feel they can use to get ahead in some way. Couple this with their dishonest core and you get a friend who is really an enemy.

This dishonesty also includes any compliment they give you. Gremlins often seem like flatteres. They often praise people, or pretend to act very sweet, but it's an act to get you to trust and like them. This makes it difficult to trap them but keep this in mind: because everything they do is an act, gremlins have no real regard for your feelings. They may say one thing, but do another. They cannot commit real emotions to their words of praise or their actions, so they will either over exaggerate or they will give away the fact that they actually want something from you... "I love your dress! Can I borrow it sometime."

Another tip is that gremlins often try to steal attention and credit for themselves. If you have a friend who always seems to be flirting with the guy you like, or acts as if she did all the work on a project, you may have a gremlin in your life.

They are liars whose main goal to sabbatoge you somehow. Everyone is fair game for gremlins, so don't think you're a special case when you befriend one. If they cheated one friend, they'll cheat you too.

This is perhaps the best way to sniff out the gremlin. Watch how they treat others. Are they overly sweet to a person's face, but gossipy behind their back? Do they often compare themselves to others? Have other people complained about them?

 The best thing to do when you find out you’ve been back stabbed by them is to call them on it. They can’t stand having people know their true selves so walk away from them but let them know that their little act is up.

Common characteristics of a Gremlin Friend

  • Decitful
  • Manipulating
  • Boastful
  • Slandering
  • Users
  • Pressuring
  • Overly nice
  • Selfish

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