Monday, April 8, 2013

Monster Friends Series: The Ghost

The Ghost. Have a friend who is always disappearing on you? Do you have a friend who expects you to be there for them but when it’s their turn they make excuses or ignore you. Ghost friends rarely put in as much effort into the friendship as their friends. They dump on people a lot but they don’t emotionally invest in their friendships. Similar to the vampire, they can manipulate you and use emotional triggers to do things for them.

“I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t need the favor

I really hope you can come because I don’t think anyone else will.”

When it comes time for you to ask a favor, they have a number of excuses for you. Ghost friends act as if doing anything for anyone is some big sacrifice. If they do help you out, you will hear about it when they again need something.

Remember that time I helped you?”
I’ve been there for you.”

They don’t do  anything out of their heart. What’s more they often show little gratitude for the things people do for them. But tell them no once, and they won’t forget it. They won’t remember your good, but they will remember the one time you couldn’t help them out.

Ghost friends rely on people, and usually pick people pleasers or push overs as friends. Stand up for yourself and say no. They don’t appreciate people’s efforts so there’s no point in killing yourself for them.

Common characteristics of ghost friends

  • Manipulating
  • Users
  • Clingy
  • Self absorbed
  • Ungrateful
Other monsters
The vampire
The gremlin
The werewolf

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