Thursday, April 11, 2013

Monster Friend Series: The Zombie


Misery loves company and your zombie friend would love a sad-sorry-for-themselves companion.   They are the negative friend who usually has a negative lifestyle. But other than trying to help themselves, they find people who are overcoming a similar struggle to latch onto. Your zombie friend will make you think you can help them, if you try. But what the zombie really wants is to bring you down to their level. They prefer to be friends with people who “understand” them. But rather than let you help them, they lure you into the same lifestyle you’re trying to escape.

They use emotional triggers like the vampire, and do little for their friends like the ghost. Zombies fear being judged and that’s one of the main reasons they’d rather have you sabotage yourself. To them, you can’t judge if you’re just like them.
They can be very clingy, and often take advantage of people. They fear being alone, so when they see you trying to "get back to the living" a zombie friend will bring you back down. They can be enablers or they can exhaust you into trying to think you can save them, which leaves you no energy to help yourself. They're a little like the gremlin, in that they don't want you to prosper. But unlike the gremlin, the zombie friend isn't envious. They're scared of being abandoned.

If you’re coming out of a difficult situation, you need to stay away from zombies who want you at your most vulnerable. They know you’ll be able to relate to them, and they will try to undo all the hard work you’ve done. They aren't looking to be saved; they're hoping to pull you down with them.

Common characteristcs of zombie friends
  • needy
  • clingy
  • manipulative
  • self loathing
  • negative
Other monsters
The gremlin
The vampire
The ghost
The werewolf

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